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Add GPSd

Can you add GPSd since The Kiwisdr has GPS?

I could use this for other programs on my Local Network (Intranet).

Some Info.....

gpsd is a computer software program that collects data from a Global Positioning System receiver and provides

the data via an Internet Protocol network to potentially multiple client applications in a server-client application


DeveloperEric S. Raymond

Available inEnglish Language

LicenseBSD license

Operating systemLinux, *BSD, Mac OS X, Android

Stable release3.18 / October 3, 2018; 3 years ago

Port numberport 2947



  • edited November 2021

    that's not a trivial addition, even to a standalone BB. I have implemented that on RPi to have my own Stratum 1 ntpd here but I used a normal GPS module. The Kiwi, IIRC uses an different kind of GPS.

  • It would be a great tool if Kiwi could act as a local NTP server

  • How close does an off-Internet BB/Kiwi become if one checks "Set date from GPS" on the admin page? I think I've proven that this is fine for synching WSPR spots when portable but I don't think I've ever checked to see how accurate it actually is.

    It may not be ntpd class but it certainly is good enough to get a BB close enough for aligning the digital modes of K1JT, isn't it?

  • edited November 2021

    I'm not sure where to find the kiwi's internal time, only the BB's and I'm not sure they are the same.

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