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HF Propagation in real-time

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Jose, CT1BOH gave an interesting talk about HF propagation using real-time MUF maps based on F0F2 measurements from the world wide Digisonde network. These maps show good correlation with PSK reporter FT8 data and indicate current band openings quite accurately.

The advantage of applying real-time data available nowadays for operational use of HF is obvious compared to the 50+ year old technology of propagation model predictions that only give a percentage of circuit reliability during the month.

VE3NEA then created an excellent Jupyter notebook that brings this all together and shows the latest MUF maps overlaid with FT8 data. Below is a screenshot with current MUF and 20m FT8 data.

References in: and

best regards, Ben


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    I have Jupyter running but the docs for FT8_mapper are a bit sparse. I'll report more when I have more success

  • Hi Jim,

    In case the Jupyter notebook loads correctly, but MUF or FT8 data still does not plot please check your Cartopy version is 0.20.1 or greater.

    For a windows machine, I found that the easiest way to upgrade was to install the latest wheels from for Shapely first and then Cartopy.

    73 Ben

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    I see the notebook, but I do not see the Build Map button

    how do I check caropy version?

  • Jim,

    Quickest way is to add "print(cartopy.__version__)" below import cartopy in the first cell. Let me know if you need other info to get this running. Since it looks like a Python or Jupyter issue I suggest we continue via pm.

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