• I am OK now... got fooled by git clone not grabbing the dev branch.... all good.

  • Hi folks :-)

    dumphfdl author here.

    devel branch no longer needed to interact with KiwiSDR. I/Q input via pipe is now available in version 1.2.0, just released.


  • Thanks for your efforts Tomasz...

    I have it all working now just fine with latest on my Linux system

    One question. My OS clock is set to EST so I used the --utc option and I get the correct time but GMT rather than UTC.. ?

  • dumphfdl does not print this string explicitly. It just formats the timestamp with a standard POSIX strftime() function which - for historic reasons - prints UTC as "GMT".

    Or another explanation - the final word in the timestamp is the timezone and "UTC" is not a timezone. GMT is.

  • OK... I just noted that John's kiwi extension presents it as UTC so wasn't sure.

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