CB/Ham/Time Signal scanner?

May I recommend a Kiwi function that works like a public safety scanner? From a user or preprogrammed list, a user could hold on last frequency, resume a short time, then resume -- or keep scanning even with traffic. I would recommend the following lists to start:

WWV/WWVH/CHU similar to the IBP decoder for checking band openings.

AM/FM Citizen's Band legal allocations around the world.

10M FM Simplex and repeaters for amateur radio

25-30 MHz FM pagers, broadcast remote pickup, radio control, business, government and military FM.


Robert in Litchfield Park, AZ


  • Hmmm. This is an interesting idea.

    Just thinking out loud, as I could definitely make use of something like this to chug through a load of rarely used but 'interesting' frequencies.

    Maybe it would be possible to use something like the ALE url string to define individual user scan lists, and the Squelch function to stop or pause the scan when a signal is detected and then perhaps record it to file in a similar manner to the ALE extension ?



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