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Sorting out ADC overload [feature added in v1.469]

Hi John,

I'm trying to sort out some system signal levels to see if I can maintain a decent dynamic range whilst notching troublesome broadcast stations.

Rather than sit and watch for the ADC indicator to blink for hours on end, and try to determine how often it occurs and at what times. It struck me that maybe an optional ADC overload marker could be added to the S-Meter extension. Perhaps adding a vertical coloured band when ADC overload is occurring.

This would also allow you to monitor a likely culprit with the S-meter plot and then see if peaks in signal level coincide with the ADC overloads.

I realise that something like this could already be done with the waterfall time stamps, but using the S-Meter would allow you to see how much margin you have or how much attenuation would be required to fix a problem with an individual signal.

Just a thought that crossed my mind, not an issue in any way shape or form.




  • That's actually a very good idea. I'll look into it.

  • Excellent, thanks John.

    That feature has already been very useful in helping to determine the best way to deal with occasional overloads we had been experiencing.

    I've modified a surplus binary switched attenuator so that it's now working as a series of programmable broadcast band notches, which can be selected and deselected at various times of the day. Being able to monitor the number of ADC overloads over a period of time, when various filter combinations are selected is very helpful.



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