Plastic case install problem

I am stuck about half way (literally and figuratively) through the installation of the clear plastic case that came with my KiwiSDR. I am unable to slide the second plastic sheet that goes over the KiwiSDR board (with the barrel connector for the power). The rectangular connector housing simply protrudes WAY too much to permit the plastic sheet to slide by. I have doublechecked to make sure the Kiwi board is firmly plugged into the Beaglebone board. Probably something real simple and/or stupid I have done in trying to follow the directions. Hoping the attached photo will help diagnose what I did wrong.


  • Common problem. Look carefully at page 9 of the printed QuickStart guide that was packed with the kit (also here:

    Important: Metal side pieces go on top of bottom plastic plate.

    Doing so will give you enough clearance to slide in the top plastic plate.

  • Fantastic! The printed copy that came with mine (v1.2) was not quite as detailed as that. Now I know exactly what I was doing wrong, thanks!

  • I thought I had switched the factory to using v1.3 of that doc. Apparently not..

  • OK, I was able to get the case assembled. I assume the best orientation during use would be with the Kiwi board on top, for the best heat dissipation. I wasn't able to get the rivets fully pushed in without mangling the thin inner shafts, so I'll leave them as is since the parts seem to be holding together OK for my use. There's probably some special trick to applying even pressure on them that I haven't tried.

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