v1.462: MANUAL INTERVENTION REQUIRED to receive future updates



  • the tally is done to 6%.... I have been following up on CONUS systems that have low noise/spurious with an additional prod.

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    I have contacted a few US OPs directly offering to help. They were having troubles, helped them through it and we're now down to < 5%

  • After 4 or 5 times... after an hour or so I end up with a line like this -- and many more before it...

    and nothing more...

    clang++-6.0 -Dv1_506 -Ofast @../build/gen/Makefile.inc -std=gnu++11 -c -o ../build/obj_keep/DRMReceiver.o extensions/DRM/dream/./DRMReceiver.cpp

    somewhere about there it dies.... and I try again...

  • I am doing update_fix on two remote Kiwi's -- I'll keep you posted...

  • If that doesn't work I can tell you how to do a fresh clone from Github.

    Also, do a df .anywhere in /root and make sure there is at least 600 MB of free filesystem space before/during building.

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    My problem may be too out-of date, as I didn't use my KiwiSDR for more than a year, and only now realized it's still running v.1.461! However, it's stuck there and I can't update it. Check version on the Admin interface says "Installed version: v1.461, built Jul 17 2021 16:24:27 / Available version: v1.601". I've tried to run up over ssh, as well as update_fix over the console on Admin interface - on all cases there's an error saying:

    In file included from extensions/HFDL/dumphfdl/src/util.h:6: extensions/HFDL/dumphfdl/src/pthr.h:8:14: fatal error: 'glib.h' file not found

    Any advice how can I update it, besides reflasihng the BBB with the latest image?

    Thank you == Mac Ha

  • Unfortunately you're going to need to re-flash using the Debian 10 image.

    Because a Debian package needs to be installed to get glib.h for the HFDL extension that was introduced in v1.472 And with Debian 8 it is no longer possible to install packages due to changes at debian.org ...

  • @jks Thank you for the quick response - that was what I've guessed too... Need to find the good SD cards and some time over the weekend now... Thanks again and kind regards == Mac Ha

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    @jks I've got a SD card and trying to upgrade, done the backup, however verifying the backup got me this (sorry, don't know how to embed code in the posts?..):


    mmcblk0boot0 179:8  0  1M 1 disk

    mmcblk0boot1 179:16  0  1M 1 disk

    mmcblk0   179:0  0 1.8G 0 disk

    `-mmcblk0p1 179:1  0 1.8G 0 part /

    mmcblk1   179:24  0 59.7G 0 disk

    `-mmcblk1p1 179:25  0 1.7G 0 part /media/sd_boot

    I see the different sizes then in your instructions - would that impact the upgrade?

    Also running the diff commands got

    -bash: colordiff: command not found

    I'm pausing the upgrade, in meantime, waiting for your reply.

    Thank you and kind regards == Mac Ha

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    The instructions say "the output should be similar to the following". Your output is similar. The important part is that you have both mmcblk0 and mmcblk1 present.

    colordiff not being found is a symptom of the Debian package problem. Try /usr/bin/diff instead.

    I have modified the instructions to make these issues more clear.

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    One of my two Kiwi's stopped worked for a while ago. It was impossible to access it, even locally and two of the blue LEDs blinked in sequence, suggesting that my Kiwi's file system had gone corrupt. Possibly because of a network glitch during an automatic update.

    Anyway, I had and still have a backup stored on a SD Card, so I re-flashed the Kiwi and that worked fine. I can now access it again, but with software v1.451 and I get some errors in the Admin/Log screen:

    hu May 18 12:37:37 01:23:41.695 ....      L TIMEZONE: lat/lon from admin public config: (59.689999, 10.340000)
    Thu May 18 12:37:37 01:23:42.077 ....      L TIMEZONE: timezonedb.com curl error
    Thu May 18 12:37:43 01:23:47.709 ....        E09  UNKNOWN W16
    Thu May 18 12:37:43 01:23:47.710 ....        E21  UNKNOWN W16
    Thu May 18 12:37:55 01:23:59.822 ....        E09  UNKNOWN W17
    Thu May 18 12:37:55 01:23:59.823 ....        E21  UNKNOWN W17
    Thu May 18 12:37:57 01:24:01.597 ....        E09  UNKNOWN W19
    Thu May 18 12:37:57 01:24:01.598 ....        E21  UNKNOWN W19
    Thu May 18 12:37:59 01:24:03.615 ....        E21  UNKNOWN W16
    Thu May 18 12:37:59 01:24:03.867 ....        E09  UNKNOWN W16
    Thu May 18 12:38:13 01:24:17.740 ....        E09  UNKNOWN W16
    Thu May 18 12:38:13 01:24:17.740 ....        E21  UNKNOWN W16
    Thu May 18 12:38:25 01:24:29.605 ....        E21  UNKNOWN W18
    Thu May 18 12:38:25 01:24:29.857 ....        E09  UNKNOWN W18
    Thu May 18 12:38:27 01:24:31.619 ....        E09  UNKNOWN W20
    Thu May 18 12:38:27 01:24:31.619 ....        E21  UNKNOWN W20
    Thu May 18 12:38:29 01:24:33.640 ....        E09  UNKNOWN W16
    Thu May 18 12:38:29 01:24:33.640 ....        E21  UNKNOWN W16

    I think the errors above will be gone with a successful update, but the problem now is to get it updated to v.1.601. The automatic or forced update gives a few errors (see the log), so I tried going to the Console tab and issued the command "update_fix". I have tried "update_fix"+ server restart four times, but there are still some (the same) errors and Kiwi seems stuck on v.1.451 because of that.

    I have made available on dropbox two files.

    1. The admin Log: KiwiSDRno_Admin_Rebuild_Log_(Try-3).txt - https://www.dropbox.com/s/dgcwjyeifrxgb5i/KiwiSDRno_Admin_Rebuild_Log_%28Try-3%29.txt?dl=0
    2. The Console Log: KiwiSDRno_Console_Rebuild_Log_(Try-4).txt - https://www.dropbox.com/s/457mon4ewlcyybe/KiwiSDRno_Console_Rebuild_Log_%28Try-4%29.txt?dl=0

    Any suggestion / tips on how to fix this and get it upgraded will be very much appreciated.

    I also have TeamViewer nstalled here so remote support is possible too. Eventually, I can be contacted on mail: la6lu.no(#)gmail.com for Teamviewer appointment.



    Geir Laastad, LA6LU

  • You'll need to update to Debian 10. See the kiwisdr.com home page section "Debian 8 no longer supported". It includes instructions for preserving your configuration changes if that is important. Updating is simplified if you don't care about preserving the config changes.

    The "Enn UNKNOWN Wnn" messages are Galileo sats sending unexpected subframes. In that old version of the software that error message hadn't been commented out yet.

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    Many thanks, I am almost there and the most critical part is done, but I have problems restoring original config files. (see below).

    As reference, here is part of what the instructions says:

    Mount the sd card, copy the configuration files, verify the files, unmount the card.


    cd /media/sd_boot/root/kiwi.config

    Copy the required configuration files.

    cp admin.json kiwi.json dx.json ~/kiwi.config

    diff admin.json ~/kiwi.config

    diff kiwi.json ~/kiwi.config

    diff dx.json ~/kiwi.config

    [New] Copy the optional files. Ignore any error about a particular file being missing.

    My mmc command, gives:

    root@kiwisdr:~# mmc


    mmcblk1     179:0   0 3.7G 0 disk

    └─mmcblk1p1 179:1   0 3.7G 0 part /

    mmcblk1boot0 179:8   0   2M 1 disk

    mmcblk1boot1 179:16  0   2M 1 disk

    I have my backup sd-card with the original config files card inserted and locked.

    root@kiwisdr:~# mosd0

    mount: /media/sd_boot: special device /dev/mmcblk0p1 does not exist.

    root@kiwisdr:~# cd /media/sd_boot/root/kiwi.config

    bash: cd: /media/sd_boot/root/kiwi.config: No such file or directory


    Looks like the inserted sd-card is not found. It should be ok, as I used it for the initial restore to recover when my Kiwi's file system was corrupted earlier. I got it back working with Debian 8 and KIwi v1.451 with this sd-card.

    If I try mosd1 instead of mosd0, I get this with mmc:

    root@kiwisdr:~# mmc


    mmcblk1     179:0   0 3.7G 0 disk

    └─mmcblk1p1 179:1   0 3.7G 0 part /media/sd_boot

    mmcblk1boot0 179:8   0   2M 1 disk

    mmcblk1boot1 179:16  0   2M 1 disk



    root@kiwisdr:~# cd /media/sd_boot/root/kiwi.config


    root@kiwisdr:/media/sd_boot/root/kiwi.config# cp admin.json kiwi.json dx.json ~/kiwi.config

    cp: 'admin.json' and '/root/kiwi.config/admin.json' are the same file

    cp: 'kiwi.json' and '/root/kiwi.config/kiwi.json' are the same file

    cp: 'dx.json' and '/root/kiwi.config/dx.json' are the same file


    Hmm, same files? Yes, because I have probably not accessed the backup files.

    So mosd1 was probably wrong doing, but worth testing.

    I have paused at this stage for now .

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    Try pushing the sd card in until it clicks out of the socket. Wait a few seconds. Then click it in again and see if mmc finds it. I've found that sometimes you have to do this before the card is recognized.

    Also, do a dmesg command and see if at the end of all the messages there are any errors related to detecting the card.

    Definitely do not do mosd1 because you're just mounting the active filesystem on /media which will cause all sorts of confusion.

  • Thanks again John,

    It helped re-trying pushing in the cd-card, until i saw withdmesgthat the card was accepted.

    The copy, diff etc. went just fine and the kiwi is up an running with everyhting I could wish for. Will do some small changes in my configuration now and then (re-)publish the Kiwi at rx.kiwisdr.com later this evening.

    Thanks again for you kind help. :)

    73 de Geir, LA6LU

  • Thanks. I finally updated, My update required almost 2 hours on a Think Pad --- so have lots of patience.

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