ALE 2G scan list suggestions

Please make suggestions for the ALE 2G extension scan lists (net names and their frequencies that populate the menus). The online sources for ALE networks contain a huge number of entries that are impractical to use without some real-world curation.

To make things easier for us you could download the current list from, edit it and email to Follow the indicated JSON format (with extension for comments hence the ".cjson" filename).

Some sources:


  • I have been using this reference...

  • I have the following COTHEN listings, as provided to me by Ron Perron/MD, a long-time utility monitor and logger.

    COTHEN (These are used in CONUS, Pacific, Atlantic, and Caribbean regions)

    5250 5732 5909.5 7527 8912 10242 11494 12222 13312 13907 14582 15867 18594 20890 24838.5

    COTHEN - NOJ (These are used in the USCG District 17 area: the State of Alaska, Bering Sea, Arctic Ocean and Eastern North Pacific operating areas)

    3053 4730 6709 9034 11196 13221 15082 17988 20135.6 23072.6

    Other channels available to COTHEN (Rarely heard but still valid. I wouldn't bother with listing these on the extension - ALE aficionados can manually tune them if they really want them. :) )

    3292 3369 3428 4500 5016.5 5120.5 5277 5571 5841 6685 7300 7330 7444 7657 7819.6 7827 7864 8101 8986 8989 9013 9047 9217 9497 9830.5 9982 10348 11076 11098.5 11247 11288 11408 12054 12099 12138.5 13419 13516 13517 14350 14686 14690 14874 14955 14974 15091 15513.5 17952 19131 20348.5 20631 26594.5 27870

    The listing currently showing looks like the USAF SIPRNET? I started monitoring thinking they weren't exactly kosher for COTHEN, and the display did show USAF callsigns after a bit. I cross checked with my COTHEN frequency listings (the above lists) and they're not on there. USAF uses ALE for their HF messaging/data network, but not their HF voice frequencies.

  • [From @ShaneBrook Moved here from duplicate thread]

    Here is an ALE 2G Frequency List :


    // Data in JSON format.

    // Double-slash comments MUST start in column one!

    // Underscores in net/station names are converted to line breaks in menu entries

    // A zero as the first element of the frequency array converts to a "scan" menu entry

      "Army Nat Guard": [0, 3032.0, 4924.5, 5847.0, 6882.6, 7625.0, 7720.0, 8047.0, 8098.5, 9293.5, 9895.0, 10015.0, 10765.0, 10816.5, 11694.5, 11697.5, 12087.0, 13568.0, 14653.0, 16338.5, 17458.5, 17501.5, 19233.5, 20906.0, 26697.0],

      "FEMA": [0, 2658.0, 3341.0, 3388.0, 4442.0, 4603.0, 4780.0, 5135.0, 5211.0, 5402.0, 5711.0, 5821.0, 6049.0, 6809.0, 7348.0, 7428.0, 7806.4, 7870.0, 8023.0, 8050.0, 9414.5, 9462.0, 10194.0, 10202.0, 10493.0, 10588.0, 10899.0, 11108.0, 11130.0, 11448.0, 11801.0, 11957.0, 12112.0, 12129.0, 12216.0, 12270.0, 13437.0, 13446.0, 13488.0, 13894.0, 13935.0, 14450.0, 14567.0, 14776.0, 14836.0, 14885.0, 15094.0, 15658.0, 15708.0, 16201.0, 17487.0, 17519.0, 19969.0, 20361.0, 21866.0, 22983.0, 24526.0]


    Have Fun.....

  • [From @Powernumpty Moved here from duplicate thread]

    Thanks for that.

    Loving this scan feature.

    General scanning in the same way - Frequency, Mode, BW, VOX record, would attract a whole other type of user. I'm consistently amazed by what is possible from a low energy-use device accessible from anywhere.

  • Hi John,

    Would it be possible to setup your own scan list by means of including frequencies in a suitable url string ?

    This may be a quick way to implement personal lists without having to provide them in the GUI.



  • Hi Martin,

    As an alternative instead of an url string: on the admin - extension - ALE_2G page you can enter your own scan group very easily and quickly. But then perhaps you have a situation in mind scanning on another Kiwi as a guest...

    73 Ben

  • Hi Ben,

    I was thinking of making it easier to bring up pre-defined scans by using stored browser bookmarks, or url strings especially if monitoring as a guest as you mentioned.

    It's basically adding scan some defined frequencys to the current ALE url strings that can already be used.

    Maybe you can already do that, I'll try it and see.



  • Hi Ben,

    I just tried


    But no scan occurred.

    I then tried ?ext=ale,3000

    The extension opened but didn't tune to 3000, so I assume for the url to work the parameters have to be pre-defined in the extension.

    I've tried on the "admin - extension - ALE_2G page you can enter your own scan group very easily and quickly", but I can't seem to get the formatting correct for it to run, this may also be an issue with the url strings I tried.

    Can you give me a sample of a string you have used on the ALE_2G page to setup your own scan group ?



  • Ah wrong menu - RTFM

    The Kiwi owner/admin can define the contents of a custom menu on the Admin > Extensions > ALE_2G page. JSON format is used.

    User's cannot currently define their own menus, but suggestions for the downloaded menus on extension startup can be made on the Kiwi forum.

    I got confused by the custom frequency entry box in the 2G ALE pop out control panel. I now realise that this is to set upper or lower frequency limits on existing predefined scans

    Just tried my own string in the admin menu and that worked fine.

    Brilliant - I've logged loads today :-)



  • edited September 2021

    Yes indeed, when opening an ALE extension first time the "current list" is loaded from and populates the Amateur, Govt, Milcom and Utility menus.

    This list -actually json file, as mentioned at the beginning of this thread - is aggregated from additional user contributions and not really vetted. So it would probably be a good idea when submitting new lists to confirm that at least some of the frequencies are actively used. Likewise when it appears that no activity occurs at all on some lists these would perhaps need to be dropped or modified at some point. So user input and comments about these lists will improve the overall results.

    73 Ben

  • "Likewise when it appears that no activity occurs at all on some lists these would perhaps need to be dropped or modified at some point."

    Yes I had wondered about somehow creating an automatic activity log list that could count the number of times a frequency is detected as being active, and then using the data to update the master list.

    I'd also thought about logging and matching call-signs to particular nets in a similar manner.

    Then there is also TDoA to ID the locations of the calls

    Lots of possibilities.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves........

    I'm just really pleased that John has got it working in it's present form, as it's already revealed some interesting activity.



  • jksjks
    edited September 2021

    In the current scan list, using v1.464, you'll now notice "lsb" entries for some nets. These entries will not be shown in the next version (but remain in the database). They will be used internally to flag nets that use lsb instead of usb.

    I have to do it this way so the database remains backward-compatible with Kiwis still running v1.464 even after v1.465 with ALE improvements is released.

  • There is some activity that admin users may want to scan and not have the freq displayed to others. I can think of a couple of us that use XXXXX networks and are not allowed to publish the freqs.

  • The ALE TX I have transmits in a sequence of highest to lowest freq. I wonder what others have experienced?

  • The next version already has working a suggestion you made to me earlier: an option to sort the menu frequencies high-to-low regardless of how they're ordered in the database.

  • jksjks
    edited September 2021

    Re: An admin scan list not visible to others. The only way I could really do that is to have a scan list shown only to connections from the local network. There is no mechanism to "login" to the user page as an admin (only to the admin page itself). There is currently only general password protection for all user page connections which is not what you want.

  • What is the best way to capture the info in the activity window to a file on a browser client?

  • jksjks
    edited September 2021

    @WA2ZKD Copy-paste for now. Something better is on the list for the next round of improvements.

  • I'm sorry but it isn't clear to me how to set LSB mode for a network.

    I added some frequencies via the ADMIN extension panel, but I can't find a way to set LSB mode for them.

    Any help would be apreciated. Thanks a lot!


  • Try:

    "LSB example": [0, "lsb", 1234.56, ... ]

  • edited January 2022

    Thank you very much, it works like a charm :)

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