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  • Hi John,

    Great improvements, very, very much appreciated.

    This just reinforces my view that my KiWi's have been among the best radio related purchases of all time, and they are definitely well up in the 'top ten' of my 'hit parade' chart.

    Thanks again,


  • Hello,

    how can I set LSB for Manuelen, i.e. own frequencies, in the ALE scan. The scan always changes to USB.

    Thanks for the help and 73 

    Josef, DE3JGA

  • Hi Josef,

    I quickly tried experimenting by adding combinations of mode and passband to individual frequencies in ALE url string (as defined in the user guide for other non ALE modes), just in case this would work, but I didn't have any luck.

    I can't think of any other way to achieve what you are trying to do, but the ALE extension is very much a work in progress and hopefully it's functionality will further increase over time.



  • OK thank you very much for the quick answer!

    73 Josef DE3JGA

  • There is no LSB option currently when defining a user scan list in the URL. But I will add this for the next release.

  • I have been unable to correlate settings or events but if I run HFGCS scan set non-stop after a while it stalls. Does this on both W10 and Linux Chrome browsers. Sometime it runs 4 hours other times 14... etc.

  • v1.468 October 2, 2021

    •   ALE 2G extension: added "lsb" URL argument that applies to URL scan list (if any).
    •   FSK extension: Get update of shift position crosshairs working again.

  • Thanks for the quick help!!!

    73 Josef


  • Thanks John :-)

  • I too have been having the scans to pause on a frequency and just sit there. For what it is worth I've found hitting the "test" button will cause the scan to start again. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm using the computer or just letting it run overnight.

  • Has anybody else tried to do an extended run in ALE. That is, start it up and just let it run, only logging to the upper window. If so, how many hours have you acheived?

  • Apart from occasional pausing and staying stuck on a channel for no obvious reason, about 6 hours is typical.

    However it does seem to depend upon how many other users there are on that KiWi and what they are doing.

  • I have gotten up to 13 hours, but it just stops (local session, not kiwi itself)

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    Yes, I also have seen anywhere between 12 min and 15 hrs before the decoding and the waterfall on the tabs where the ALE2G extension is running, stops. Tried different browsers on Linux and Windows.

    Checking the logs around the times when this happened unfortunately does not show anything remarkable, except perhaps that SND BAD PARAMS tend to show up. Included are 2 screenshots of this happening.

    I did not report this earlier because I also have some Wi-Fi network problem where the port 8073 connections to the Kiwi fail and I have to use SSH and the "ku" command to get the server back again. Likely this is due to Wi-Fi collision issues having the main Wi-Fi network, BBAI and RP3 using the same channel.

    Incidentally starting from v 1.462, I also had to use "ku" to get the Kiwi back on port 8073 after every update. I guess this is just a local issue since I did not see other folks mentioning this.

  • installed 1.470 and it ran flawlessly for 11 hours. Then, on my Linux client running Chrome, I did something in another chrome window that used Java. Went back to kiwi window and the ALE window showed scanning, but the WF was stopped.

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    Just like Jim mentioned above, I also see that the ALE2G extension runs fine for a while and then just closes the channel with only a "LEAVING after ....." message in the log. This applies whether scan running or paused. Up to 3 instances run o.k. this way, which sign off one after the other at random times. This appears to be the extension's most frequently occurring bug at the moment.

    Occasionally I do get some good audio recordings after the ALE2G handshake, others are just noise. 

    It looks I finally got rid of those long strings of audio underruns that I reported earlier after changing my notebook power supply. Also the SND BAD PARAMS messages in the log have not re-occurred so far. When using the SAM or SAS mode I noticed a "motor boating" sound that wasn't there a week ago. Eventually this led me to the power supply that gave a pulsed output. 

    73 Ben

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    Hi John,

    Just wondering if you see any merit in an enhancement of the ALE2G extension that looks up ALE call signs in a database. A fork of LinuxALE ( ), which was the predecessor of gr-ale already had a data base lookup functionality to make it easier to identify the numerous often cryptic ALE call signs.

    Last weekend I noticed that Nils, DK8OK published a list with 3000+ ALE callsigns.

    There is a lot of open source info available for users to populate such a list either from scratch or using Nils's database as a starting point.

    Nils's list can be found at

    73 Ben

  • As WA2ZKD reported, "the ALE window showed scanning, but the WF was stopped".

    This is happening here too very often.

    Browser is Chrome in a Linux OS.

    Anything I can check ?



  • do you keep that as the active window or move from it to look at another browser window?


  • Hi Jim,

    thanks for replying. I do switch to other browser tabs.


  • Hi,

    I have another issue that I hope you can help me with:

    looks like I can't set the display parameter via URL.

    I'm using this syntax: ?ext=ale,mars,rec,disp:3,scan:1.5

    All the parameters are correctly set, except for "display".

    I also tried to use "display" instead of "disp", with no luck.

    Thank you.

  • jksjks
    edited January 2022

    The disp:N thing is a bug that will be fixed next release.

  • Got it. Thanks!

  • Hi, if I try to disable ALE 2G extension for user in Admin page it wasn't disabled... It's bug only on my KiwiSDR?

  • "Local connections exempt"

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    May be, I use frps, but when I disable all extensions some of them remain active, but not all:

    PS this KiwiSDR for Air-band and I was trying to disable all extensions

    All extention disabled on Admin tab, but ALE_2G, HFDL ... still active for users.

  • I confirm the same v1.487, disabled ALE_2G and HFDL extensions still available to users

  • disabled ALE_2G and HFDL extensions still available to users

    Fixed in v1.488

  • A number of new ALE scan lists added thanks to Bob W. Most easily seen by setting "menus -> collapse" mode, then looking at the Milcom and Govt menus.

    The changes will automatically appear the next time you reload the user page or connect. No need for a software update.

    Thanks Bob!

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