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Each Morning Channel Queue message but only two channels used

Each morning when I go to connect to my KiwSDR running on a BBAI, it tells me all channels are in use. In fact, only two are in use as the continually run WSPR.

It just comes up with the "join the queue" screen.

The only way to fix the problem is reboot the KIWSDR Server (no need to reboot the BBAI).

Even if I "Kick" all users off in the admin page. I still cannot connect to a channel. Only a KIWSDR server reboot fixes it.

I'm sure it wasn't doing this before the most recent update

Anybody got any ideas?


  • what is the log entry just before it goes quiet (I.E. other users stop connecting, last external connection).

    Lets assume a connection can tie things up, if possible that would be the last one, or in the last few before you do a reboot (so look before rebooting!)


  • Only logs can give you more information about this problem, view it on Admin page when this problem back again, or share for community. Usually this effects observed when someone trying start “bad’ connections.

  • edited August 2021

    When it happens again I'll post something here. I looked at the logs and it looked to be some sort of KIWIrecorder, which I don't use so I've disabled that in the admin pages

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