Call for IP address blacklist contributions



  • jksjks
    edited March 2022 was already in the list.. added. The whois for that range gave me a (much-needed) chuckle.

  • I misread the subnet on the208.85duplicate. Was on a different port so assumed that was why the Kiwi didn't log it. Sorry to be disturbing.

    I looked for any entries like rz3dvp had but none listed here and the abuseip and scamlytics entries looked like normal VPN, I obviously only look in the boring lists.

  • I run three of the premier listening sites in the Pacific: KPH, KFS and AI6VN/KH6 and I have begun to notice Russian and Chinese IP addresses using them to monitor civil and military aviation channels. This blacklist facility has not been enough to exclude them from my site, but changing to password only access will deny easy access to the general public and probably only work until those bad actors cull the passwords from the Internet, forcing all the good users to get a new password from me.

    I can imagine a user registration process which issues individual passwords to registrants, each of which could be invalidated upon misuse of the Kiwi. There has to be an open source service that does that which could b added to the Kiwi ;=)

    I know I'm dreaming, but I would look into it if I weren't 18 months into the unfinished work on wsprdaemon V3.0

  • This is a difficult question and I don't know truly answer to it.  

    I know many users who like monitoring military aviation (look at the russian forum), of course they are not scouts, on our languge we call they "couch analysts". I think currently all govertments and military activity on HF, if it have private or secret information, can and should be encryped. But KiwiSDR owner can set rules for KiwiSDR sharing and if you want to use it you need to accept them. Maybe like banner on start page describing your rules or something else..

    If the owner want sharing KiwiSDR only for HAM or/and Brodcast bands it would be great add these options in Admin page or/and maybe add password access for some frequnce (look like this ?

  • This is my temporary solution for std.swl. Modification of the freqset_car_Hz(fcar) function. Maybe it will be useful to someone. Perhaps @jks will implement something like this in the future.

  • The recent actions of your government with the reported approval of a majority of your fellow citizens give me every reason to suspect malicious intent for any activities coming from Russia. Unfortunately I include your comments in that category.

  • Okay, that's enough of that.

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