Setting up internet woorking. Newbee

Hi i have got a kiwi sdr recive rand trying to get it on the net,

I have managed to get the second port open after long trives.

Chek if your extern al router poet is open. Show NO


But I dont understand the meaning of this ISNT RESOLVING TO THE IP ADRESS OF THE se ond. Did I do somethig wrong in the connect setup page.

Ihave 2 IP adresses one of mykiwi and one of My puplic IP.

Wat to write i All the five options Are the af side on the net i can se this?

Newbee oz1kvb Erik


  • To get to your Kiwi (to resolve it) there must be some way to find it on the internet, what method have you chosen on that connect page?

    Next, hopefully you have already done this, the public port E.G. 8073 should be "port forwarded" to the Kiwi private IP address.

    That way when someone connects to PUBLIC:8073 the router redirects the request to KIWI-PRIVATE:8073

    There is normally a port forward, NAT, or gaming feature on many routers.

    If you have trouble finding it let us know the make and model of router.



  • thanks i have now managed to get the kiwi on the internet .

    vy 73 de oz1kvb

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