HFDL Decoder for KIWISDR

Hello all,

could an additional decoder for HFDL be built into KIWISDR? HFDL is very popular on HF worldwide. 

There is a free Linux program for it. Here is the link: 


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  • that decoder is a message decoder. There is also the matter of decoding the waveform

  • There is no open source waveform decoder for HFDL that I am aware of which I would need to do a port. In other words, my DSP skills are not sufficient to write one starting from the spec alone (see kiwisdr.com/files/HFDL/HFDL.item-1c.pdf)

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    Hi Jakin,

    I do notice that you are asking about a Kiwi extension and although that would be preferable you could have a look at KG-HFDL, which is an excellent HFDL decoder with integrated map display and Arinc-714A selcal decoder all built in.

    It was mentioned earlier in an older post (ref 1) and I include some screenshots. This is a windows program and I have not checked if it can run under wine on a Linux machine. You will need a virtual audio cable to feed it from your Kiwi. On Windows the easiest way to accomplish this is by activating the "Stereo Mix".

    If you are interested just pm me and I can probably link you to a later version, since the original website does not list it any longer.

    ref 1 : http://forum.kiwisdr.com/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/3668#Comment_3668

  • Hello Benson,

    Thank you very much for the interesting information.

    73 Jakin

  • Hello Benson,

    the pictures of KG-HFDL look great!



  • I was able to download ver 1.0.2  via archive.org but having trouble dispalying the map. The reception-decoding part seems to work

  • ok, the version I have is really unstable but basically works

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