User Levels Idea

Currently, there are 2 access levels with regards to max time allotted. 1) is the timeout set in the admin page 2) is no timeout at all.

Any chance there could be a third settable time with its own PW?


  • jksjks
    edited July 2021

    You mean in addition to the current password option which allows you to bypass any timeout limitations in effect? E.g. you have a public Kiwi, but for members of the radio club you want them to have a connect limit of 3 hours while the general public gets 30 minutes. Yet a few others have a password that gives no limitations.

  • yes, you have the concept correct


  • a variation.... a whitelist in a JSON file...

    requires user to sign in..

    no sign in = default max

    login1 = n minutes

    login2 = n minutes


    I'd be happy with having to edit file from shell, no fancy admin stuff

  • I enjoy making my systems available but sometimes the "campers" keep others from using it. People who contact me and define a legit need should get preference over simple camping. Current scheme only allows "all or nothing" beyond the default times.

  • Same here, I would not mind it if someone contacted me in advance, mentioning why they would like to make extensive/long term use of receiver(s) here. But there's a bit of an "entitlement" mentality amongst some users.

  • I hope this idea makes it in.... with the SSN rising, people like to sit ond monitor.. but I'd like to guard against "all day camping"

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