UI suggestion - recording button

Suggestion: Change the recording button, perhaps to rectangle with a red circle in it. I get quite a few emails from users asking if the recording feature has been removed from KiwiSDRs, as the existing red semicircle with an arrow is not intuitive. Just got another one a few minutes ago, hence my posting this 😀

Did it used to look like something else? If so, perhaps the change is part of the cause of the confusion?


  • jksjks
    edited May 2021

    There was a change. The old scheme used two overlapping icons to try and get a central square with a rotating notched circle edge around it. But the overlapped icons never rendered correctly on all browsers. They were often misaligned and looked terrible. And the code just to overlap them was extremely ugly.

    When non-NBFM squelch came along the code needed to display the icons in a third color made the situation even worse. So I made the decision to revert to a single icon and use the standard icon code that exists everywhere in the Kiwi code (FAX extension as well). Unfortunately the open source icon package the Kiwi uses has never had a good "record" icon.

    Like many controls, the record icon will show a tooltip that says "record" if you hover the mouse over it for a moment.

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