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ms-7s-web switch, configuration


I'm brand new here, starting with a problem.

I got a ms-7s-web switch (Wifi- version) and installed the extension on my kiwi.

I changed the IP in the "ant-switch-backend-ms-s7-web" and created a file "ms-s7-web" in etc/default with my IP address.

The switch is only working with the browser

but with the Kiwi it doesn't work.

It shows me always 3 antennas as aktiv, no way to change.

If I use the "ant-switch-backend-ms-s4a-web " for 4 antennas, I can switch the antenna, but it doesn't work correct.

Sometimes the right antenna is selected, but very often a wrong one will selected.

I have the last firmware on my Kiwi, but I have seen, there should be a newer version of extension availaible....

I have no idea anymore what went wrong?

Thanks for


  • jksjks
    edited May 2021

    For the ms-7s-web, please make sure the latest antenna switch extension version is installed from my repo: My latest changes have not yet been merged back into Kari's main repo.

    The driver for the ms-7s-web switch was contributed software. I added it but never had access to any hardware to test it. So I'd be interested in looking at this.

    Can this Kiwi be made accessible on the Internet? You'd have to open port 8073 on your router. Or if that doesn't work (or is too complicated) we can temporarily use the Kiwi proxy service to establish a connection. Please email with either your public ip if you've opened the port, or to obtain a proxy key.

  • What is the content of this file?



    Only the IP of the switch? Or something else?


  • jksjks
    edited May 2021

    Okay, I seem to have it working now. There was much confusion as I think your switch is actually an s4a, but I was thinking the s7 driver was the new user-contributed one (it's the old original).

    Although it takes some time after you push the button to switch antennas it eventually seems to work correctly.

  • Good morning,

    the switch is a ms-7s-web , but with the configurationfile for this switch it doesn't work. If I use the configurationfile for the s4a switch (renamed to ms-7-web) it is working a while, than the sdr stopp to work. Something wrong with javascript is the report.

    Anyway, it is amazing :-)

  • jksjks
    edited May 2021

    I don't understand. Are you talking about a configuration file downloaded to the switch itself? That is, not the antenna switch extension backend file (s7 or s4a).

    I had no trouble using it as an s4a device all night long (EU time, with the s4a backend). So I don't understand. The worst problem is that it takes a very long time (many seconds) to switch antennas because it can only go up and down to reach the desired channel rather than switching directly like other s7 switches I have used.

    ANd I don't understand what you mean by "something wrong with the javascript". If you're talking about the javascript of the antenna switch extension there's nothing wrong with it.

  • No, I haven't downloaded a file to the switch itself.

    I have the antenna switch extension backend file for the s4a only renamed to s7 file.

    Than the switch is working, slowly but working.

    With the original file for 7s it wont work.

    "something wrong with the javascript" means, that the Kiwi stopped once and a message appears with such a content. But this was happen only once.

    Now is working and I'm happy about it 😁

  • Okay, thank you for the clarification. I am still puzzled by the situation. Perhaps you have a later model s7 where they changed the interface protocol to match the simpler one used by the s4a. That is the only thing I can think of.

    Anyway, glad it is working. And please let me know if you have any further problems.

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