Fan in full kit.

I recently purchased a full KiwiSDR kit from Martin Lynch in the UK.

Everything is fine, I had it assembled and online within two hours of delivery.

But is the cooling fan supposed to be so loud?

I have 7 PCs, various PSUs, all with cooling fans and the KiwiSDR is by far the loudest fan in the room, quite a feat for a 30X30mm fan.

It is so obtrusive that I need to use headphones to monitor the receiver.

Are they all like this?



  • Mine got very noisy after about 1 year. I changed it for one about £7 of eBay

  • I notice the fan is 5 volt but is supplied by the 3V3 supply. I take it that isn't an error?


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    Okay I have reduced the noise level.

    The instructions for the enclosure tell you to remove the foam tape from one edge of the fan otherwise it will be too tall to fit between the Kiwi board and the enclosure base. But this allows the fan to vibrate against the enclosure.

    The fix is to put blu-tack up against the lower corners to anchor the fan to the enclosure base.


  • My fan was so noisy that I decided to replace it with an especially quiet one form Amazon ( Noctua NF-A4x10 5V ) which is 40x40x10 mm and just fits in the space below the receivers.

    Now that is quietness!

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