missing fm mode ) FM WIDE

a question for the team engineers there is a missing mode that is FM WIDE there also sw stations that sits in that mode

for the rest all modes at this sdr is perfect

greets from Hans


  • I have never seen wideband FM outside of the VHF FM broadcast band. Where and when have you seen it on shortwave?

  • The KiwiSDR maximum available BW per channel is 12 kHz (20.25 kHz in 3-channel mode) which is not enough for wideband FM.

  • hello sorry for the late reaction :)

    yes i have hear at the Cb bands from freq 27.935 and some more freqs around that

    but it looks they have a little more quality its no matter its just only talk :)

    we more like lsb / usb / am :)

    that works fine :)

    greets from Hans

    nijmegen netherlands

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