KIWI not taking update [fixed]

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One of two KIWI, one is not taking the 1.447 update.

It is at 1.442 with ""Update to 1.447 in progress" listed for days.

None of the wsprdaemon schedules are loaded none active. I have selected :check now for days -- same listing

I selected "Force software build now" -- no change.

Other KIWI is current and running well.

What should I be looking for.


  • Is this Kiwi accessible from the Internet? If not, then the easiest thing is to temporarily add it to the proxy so I can connect and take a look. Trying to talk you through anything takes 50 times longer. Please send an email to Thank you.

  • jksjks
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    This seems to be a networking issue. Unclear if Beagle/Ethernet or upstream. After a lot of network drops while logged in via the proxy the update was successfully run (manually). Still need to see how it does with the v1.448 automatic update later today.

  • Thank you John for your help identifying Ethernet problems. Changing the switch port and CAT5 cable corrected my problems.

    Thanks again

    John 73 TI4JWC

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