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strange behavior with 2 kiwi's


I have got kiwi's on one location and an identical configuration except the name, ip address and the password. In the router I forwarded port 8073 to kiwi01 and port 8074 to kiwi02. Both the kiwi's are accessible from the internet.

When I search for the kiwi's on only one of the kiwi's is located on the spot I configured in the Webpage and Public menu. The other kiwi is floating randomly over the map in a circle between 5 to 20 kilometers from my location.

After a reset of kiwi02 it appears on the real location of the map and the other kiwi starts floating. Somehow it seems they share the same identity.

I didn't use the clone function for the second kiwi.

Is there a parameter which i misconfigured?




  • jksjks
    edited March 2021

    I don't run that map site, but the code seems to dither the position of overlapping map markers so they don't obscure each other. The map code is here: And this comment is contained in the file dyatlov.js

    // Shift coordinates to ensure marker is sufficiently distinct

    // from others to be distinctly seen and used

     So you haven't misconfigured anything. That's just the way it is.

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