Can’t access admin. [fixed]

My kiwi is working fine on my network, typing in the usual local address and all is fine. If I “/admin” it won’t allow access to the page giving info:

No admin password set. Can only connect from the same local network client.

Nothing has changed via my network. I also can’t access the SDR externally

can somebody help please.



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    "No admin password set" Change that


  • Thanks,

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    I would add password if I could access Admin.


  • jksjks
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    Is this still an issue? I was able to figure out which public Kiwi this was by reverse engineering your forum registration (if public, ALWAYS give your Kiwi details to save me time).

    I had no problems connecting as a user. It seems to have been recently updated and restarted.

    Were you talking about admin access from your local network? There is a known problem when using the browser forward/back buttons to switch between user and admin pages. Sometime you get a spurious admin page password prompt when there should be none. A simple refresh will fix the problem. It is not known why this happens.

  • Ah, do you have access to the router interface from outside the network or access to another device on the network?

    The blocking of external "Admin" access is a security feature enabled until a password is set so what you are looking to do is get round security.

  • I’ve just reset the Kiwi and everything appears to be fine. I will set up a password now.


  • In answer to the Admin access. Yes, from the local network I run the Kiwi on, that’s why I was confused.

    I can now access Admin and externally connect to my Kiwi.


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