Power-over-USB modifications for a KiwiSDR

I'm attaching a write-up of what has worked well for me to improve Kiwi noise performance by reducing common-mode current paths through the Kiwi.

For a stock, wired-LAN Kiwi it is very common for noise and coherent signal current on the LAN cable to find a path through the Kiwi PCB ground and out either the Power Supply return or, more often, via common mode current on the antenna feed attached to the SMA input. This kind of QRM/QRN is insidious because it may mostly show up when an antenna is attached causing the user to believe the problem is elsewhere.

By operating the Kiwi with an inexpensive WiFi router, powered from the Kiwi and connected by only a single micro_USB <==> USB-A cable, the common mode current paths which can cause this degradation can be eliminated.

Because of the success of this scheme in both improving performance of previously wired-LAN installations and also the possibility of building a completely isolated, portable Kiwi system to use as adiagnostic tool for improving Kiwi and general site performance, I'm offering this description.

Write me for more information or for the 3D printable file for the USB clamp described.

Glenn n6gn

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