C-QUAM stereo AM BCB stations wanted

Github code contributor MaPePeR and I are working on adding real AM stereo (C-QUAM) demodulation to the Kiwi (as opposed to the existing pseudo-stereo SAS mode). Discussion here: https://github.com/jks-prv/Beagle_SDR_GPS/issues/395

But there is a real lack of strong C-QUAM stations receivable by Kiwis for test signals. I've been trying to correlate stations listed here http://www.meduci.com/stations.html with nearby Kiwis. The other problem is a lot of these stations don't play stereo program material (i.e. music) 100% of the time.

Can anyone make any suggestions? So far the best sources seem to be in Japan and Indiana, USA.



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    I used to have a local (WTHU 1450) here in MD that ran C-QUAM, but it looks like they no longer do per that list. I just sent them an email to confirm whether or not they do. - UPDATE: They confirmed they no longer transmit C-QUAM.

    I happen to know someone with a C-QUAM exciter. I have a HackRFOne. I wonder if there's a way he could record an I/Q file of the transmitted RF with some sort of audio test program with lots of obvious stereo (audio out one channel, then the other, back and forth, etc) that I could then transmit as a test loop (legally! I am thinking an AM Part 15 station) at low power that would come in well on my KiwiSDRs. You'd be welcome to use one of them for testing.

  • I did a little sleuthing. This kiwi from Edinburgh, IN receives WZZB from Seymour, IN quite well. WZZB is on the C-QUAM list and is a music station. Here's the online stream for verification:

    Nick W1NJC

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