v1.437 From Marco, IS0KYB: AGC threshold bar, Passband overload mute

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.437 March 6, 2021

  From Marco, IS0KYB (thanks Marco!)

    AGC threshold bar added to S-meter:

      The white bar appearing above the green S-meter bar is the AGC threshold value

      (from control panel AGC tab). The threshold dBm value can read on the

      S-meter scale in equivalent S-units.

    Passband overload mute:

      Mutes the audio when the signal level in the passband exceeds a set value.

      The value is defined by a new setting on the admin page config tab.

      When active a "!" appears in place of the mute icon on main control panel.

      Useful for example when a nearby transmitter would otherwise result in a

      loud annoying signal. Mute recovery time uses existing squelch tail setting.


  Added list of code contributors to _COPYRIGHT file.

    Work in progress. If we missed your code contribution please email us.

    We have hundreds of github issues and thousands of emails and forum posts to review.

  Typing '/' alone into frequency box will restore the passband to the default value

    for the current mode. Shortcut to shift-clicking over a mode button.

  FFT extension: add help button, URL parameters, preset for RTZ.

  Add mouseover popups to more buttons and menus on main control panel.

  Removed more references to sdr.hu



  • The white bar in the S-meter is a very nice addition to keep track of the AGC setting. I really like that as it is a great reminder of where the AGC is set. It doesn't zero out when AGC is off and Manual is being used. Not a big deal, but worth the mention, I think.



  • I too like it, even if only as a reminder.

    Glenn n6gn

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