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MW DXing tool

DK8OK published in his January blog ( ) an interesting and versatile way of visualising data from the public "MW list".

. Looks like a good tool for MW DXing and could be expanded to other parts of the HF spectrum as well.

73 Ben


  • Nils Schiffhauer has a remarkable track record highlighting emerging technology that is going to revolutionise radio listening. His blog is something to check in with often.

    The "public tableau" Nils links to holds only a sample of "MWLIST" stations, and we can only hope that a comprehensive database will be made available one day. No copyright issues then, either.

    How about other data collections? FMLIST, EiBi, Aoki, ILG (etc, etc) could all do the same.

    Oh, and what a gift it would be for all providers to pool their data in one database and map!

    Radio Garden is another map-based interface, this time for internet radio streams which can be an enormous help with identifying RF signals. I think it has a few rough edges, but seems to be quite comprehensive - definitely better than the many selective aggregators or individual internet searches.

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