OV display time adjustment needed

A kiwirecorder session shows several OV events every second, but the UI page flashes the red "OV" only every few seconds and so briefly that I missed that there were overload events.

So I wonder if it would be possible to configure that red OV's display time on the UI.


  • Admin / Config page.

    "S-meter OV if ≥ 1024 ADC OV per 64k samples"

    Could that not be used?

  • That doesn't fully effect indicator persistence which is what I think Rob is asking for.

  • Yes John, the short persistence of the red OV is my problem. I had been depending upon that red OV to determine if I needed to add more AM band rejection filtering. But I noticed severe OV conditions at sunrise/sunset only when I looked at the wsprdaemon overload log.

  • Would not an OV per minute with logging or max hold be better than relying on the the visual indicator?

  • With some SW complexity, wsprdeaemon does log the number of OV events in each 10 minutes. But there is no UI for WD and of course only some Kiwi users are running WD, so it would be good for the Kiwi's UI to me more informative of OV events.

  • I think a more accurate UI could improve performance too. As an example, the last time my remote KiwiSDR returned to the site, antenna parameters were adjusted based on the OV indication with 1 event per 64K samples selected. This resulted in fairly infrequent firing of the display which was believed to be an accurate representation. As it turned out this was not at all the case. The system noise floor was actually being severely compromised by the above-ADC-top events which were occurring far more frequently than was realized. This problem will have to be resolved by another two-hour trip to that site. A better indicator would have avoided all this.

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