Bent power jack on KiwiSDR board

Just received a new KiwiSDR kit direct from seeed. Power jack is bent up about 4mm at the edge of the board. Looks like a manufacturing or packing defect. Box is not damaged.

KiwiSDR boots and runs fine, but one of the pins on the power jack has broken. Wiggling the jack shows an intermittent connection. I would really like to get a replacement jack. This is J6 on the BOM, but does not have a part number. Anyone know a good part number and where I can get a replacement? Would like to order from someone in the US so I don't have to wait another month.





  • If there is a manufacturing quality problem then Seeed support should really replace/swap the board. However, the connector you want is called a "DC-044". I found them on Amazon US by searching in the "Industrial & Scientific" category. Example:

  • Thank you so much! DC-044 was the key bit of information I needed! As info, I did also find these on eBay in quantity 2. I really didn't need 10!😊

    Hopefully will have the part in a few days and get it soldered on. Have already removed the bad one.

    I really didn't want to deal with swapping the board or waiting on a replacement part. Just want to get this thing going!

  • Spend a minute or two with an ohmmeter verifying that the replacement is indeed constructed with the same pinout as the original. We know from sad experience that the Beagle & Kiwi don't survive polarity reversal.

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