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Variable power supply voltage setting.

My power supply has a trim adjustment for voltage. What is the ideal

voltage to set it at. Out of the box its set at 5.08 DC. I could not find

a spec for min and max input voltage for KiwiSDR.




  • Hi Mike,

    The concensus seems to be 5.1-5.3V.

    Here I run a variable linear supply that feeds Kiwi and a PI or two at 5.25V (the highest recommended for the PI). I've run the Kiwi higher and it is much better at handling higher voltages than the PI but I'd still keep it around that tops.

    73 Stu

  • John can weigh in, but I don't think the 5V is used directly by any component. The LDOs all have max inputs to at least 5.5V, not sure about the Beagle though I expect it also to be at least 5.5V. I like to run 5V devices at around 5.25V as well. Ideally a 5V supply with sense lines would be used. Without sense lines, use heavier gauge wire and measure the voltage at the load under varying conditions.


  • I set it at 5.1 for now. The power supply has two DC output jacks and I just purchased a second

    Kiwisdr and will run both on the same supply. I did look up some USB specs and found the min and

    max voltage stated to be 4.75 to 5.25 Vdc.

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