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A couple of months ago a script called was added to the Kiwiclient master repository. This allows to change frequencies on the fly using a Hamlib NET rigctl interface such as found in FLdigi or WSJTX software. 

I am having a hard time to get this to work with Python installed on a Windows machine and it looks that the UDP connection somehow gets blocked or not bound.

If anyone has figured out how to get this going I would really appreciate your suggestions.

73, Ben


  • Maybe contact the author via the original PR:

    Although he may not have any advice for some random problem with Windows.

  • Thanks for the advice John. It looks though that Rik is very much a Linux guy and probably has stayed away form Windoz for a long time.

    Probably what I will end up doing is install a (virtual) Linux distro first and try out kiwiclientd there.

  • Ben, responding to comments on other thread re VirtualBox and Fldigi (etc.)

    If you are looking to talk via ports, host and virtual machine I'd avoid the extra complication of NAT.

    Try setting the interface to bridged and then fix an IP for the Linux VM at your DHCP server (router).

    That way you should be able to use the VM as if it is a normal machine on your network, edit the host and ports to reflect that.

    73 Stu

  • Hi Stu,

    Thank you for that hint and I will try to use this when I have another go at kiwiclientd , probably next year..

    73 Ben

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