Reverse proxy

In the old days, reverse proxy was working fine with my Kiwi.
Now, I can not get it to work in my browser.
The admin page says that the proxy is not working per the port test function.

Is it necessary to re-register in the post days?



  • jksjks
    edited November 2020
    No, never had anything to do with the proxy. What's your Kiwi's proxy name? (i.e. xxx part of
  • Assuming the Kiwi is local and you can still get into the admin interface: go to the "connect" tab and make sure "reverse proxy" is still selected. Then scroll down and click the "Click to (re)register" button. You should get a good status message (assuming the fields on the right are still filled out and valid). Then try restarting the Kiwi via the restart button on the "control" tab. Remember that it takes a good 45 seconds before there will be any response after a restart.
  • jksjks
    edited November 2020
    Okay, I figured a few things out. It appears the last time you clicked the "Click to (re)register" button you had the "host" name set to "hutton". Because that's the last authentication entry the proxy server has using your proxy key (it goes all the way back to July 2019).

    But then I also see in the server logs where you used the "Check port open" button while the host name was set to "huttonkiwi" and the check failed using that host name. So that's probably the source of the problem. To fix it follow the steps in my last post.
  • JKS -
    Thanks for the answers. It is up and running and I like that.

  • Okay, glad to hear it.
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