Ham Band Limits for ITU Region 1 are not correct (40 Meter Band [should be fixed in v1.440]

The Kiwi-SDR is configured for ITU Region 1. The 40 meter ham band (Amateur Radio) extends only up to 7200 kHz.
However the Kiwi-SDR shows the 40 m Amateurband up to 7300 kHz. This would be correct for other regions, but not
for region1. Other bands may also be affected. - How can this be corrected? Thanks.


  • I have come across this problem before, there is a conditional parsing error of region in the config.js file ...

    for some reason the band edge declarations always defaults to the last one, that is ">23" is always selected...

    bands.push({ s:svc.A, min:7000, max:7200, region:"1", name:"40m" }); //ignored

    bands.push({ s:svc.A, min:7000, max:7300, region:">23", name:"40m" }); //chosen

    Hope this helps...


  • There is a fix for this in the next update. It's tricky because Kiwi owners may have arbitrarily edited the definition of bands[] in config.js in ways that my fix may not have anticipated. Although my fix tries to take this into account.

    The whole situation will be better addressed when the contents of config.js are absorbed into the admin user interface and config database. But that's a complicated change that will not happen anytime soon.

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