User login to bypass time limits

What's the procedure for a user entering in the password to bypass time limits? I have a user who I've given such a password to, but he says it is never asking him to enter it in. I have no experience as a KiwiSDR user with a password, so I am not sure what to tell him.


  • It will ask after the timeout occurs. This is a problem for people making recordings that don't want the interruption. In that case you can give it in the URL: password=... or pwd=... e.g. the_kiwi:8073/?pwd=...

    See the documentation:
  • Thank you! Perfect.
  • I was thinking about this, and it gave me an idea. Sorry, the idea means a KiwiSDR feature request :)

    As it is now (I think) any KiwiSDR receivers that are password protected are not available for public use. This means in many cases they potentially sit idle for much of the time.

    What if instead, all the receivers were available for public use. If the KiwiSDR is full, and a password holder wants to use one, they would put the password in the URL. The KiwiSDR would then "bump" an existing user off, and the new password'd user would take that slot. The user that gets chopped could be the one who has been logged on the longest, or even randomly picked. Users from a local IP would be exempt from getting the boot, of course.

    I guess the page that appears informing the would be new user that the KiwiSDR is full could have a password field that could be used in place of the URL with the password, but I was trying to keep things simple.
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