Adding a Paypal button or Patreon link - picture

Any tips on adding a Paypal button? I looked the KiwiWebSDR main website top to bottom - no mention how to do this - I imagine anywhere I can put HTML, I can put in a PayPal donation button -Anyone have any real World examples?


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    Feel free to donate here:

    Search for how to create a PayPal payment button. Insert your text message at the beginning or the end of the HTML script that PayPal gives you to insert into a webpage. I chose the end. It looks like this at the end.

    />Please support this KiwiSDR.

    The whole mess goes into
    "Owner info (appears in center of top bar; can use HTML like
    for line break if line is too long)"
    data entry line on Webpage tab in your KiwiSDR Admin screen.
  • I do the same on my Kiwis as well:

    - Rob
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