Prospects for DSC Reception

Gday all,
I've been using a KiwiSDR aboard my small bluewater cruising boat for several years. I've been hoping DSC decoding would be added to the Kiwi's decoding functions. Instead it seems everyone uses YADD on Windows. That's fine ashore but useless to me afloat for power consumption reasons. My goal was to run the Kiwi 24/7 since it uses so much less power than HF rigs, and can monitor multiple channels including DSC and others.

Is there any chance of DSC decoding appearing soon? If not it's eBay for the Kiwi!
VK6HSR aboard sv Zen Again.


  • I checked some time ago (and again recently) and the only open source DSC I found was a huge pile of Java code. At the very least this would have to be translated to Javascript. Sounds easy given the names, but depending on how heavily the author used certain aspects of Java it could be quite an effort. Not another DRM, but not insignificant.

    There is also the question of liability which makes me nervous. The last thing I want is the Kiwi serving in an EMCOM role displacing other equipment ordinarily used for that purpose. Not keen to spend my retirement years in prison due to the poor choices of someone else.
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