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Hello @jks , does it possible feature for KiwiSDR when owner (with admin password) can create and save default user profile with preferred interface settings?
And the second question, - maybe anyone know how configure default filters for AM-USB-LSB-CW...?
I know we can set default frequency and mode in Admin interface, but how about default filters for any modes (low-pass high-pass values)?
73! Yuri


  • I have addressed this question many, many times. It has to wait for the implementation of user preferences. This is very difficult because of browser security restrictions (cross-site scripting etc).

    Using cookies or local storage it is easy to implement preferences per Kiwi (per URL). But that is obviously not what you want. You want to set a preference once and have it apply to every Kiwi you ever visit. I have some code already that implements part of the solution, but there is much more work to be done. For reasons that are too complex to explain here it requires that your browser make an additional connection to no matter what Kiwi you are making the receiving connect to. I don't like that restriction, but it seems the only way to make it work.
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    Yes, this interesting feature, but I don't sure it's the best way have one fixed profile for any Kiwi, because they have different antennas, different QRMs, different ISP and etc.
    I say about default profile for only owned SDR with preferred settings for users who come to it and maybe it's more simple for programming? For example - admin configure user interface settings then push magic keys, type admin password and this settings store like default for any new users (like json). Of course, users can change this presets... But I think for Kiwi with 3G connection many admins want freeze some settings, - for example don't allow switch off sound compression... :smile:
  • I'm also interested in this. In some cases the internet can be very bad, but users keep turning on "IQ", "SAS" and turning off "Comp". The stream starts to stutter. It is impossible to explain to everyone that the exhaustion of the channel can lead to the fact that no one will listen to anything at all. I haven't experienced such difficulties yet, but it would be nice to be able to block these modes. For a while. Not always. A lot of kiwis will work in the summer, and how our cellular network (uplink) will react to this is not clear.
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