Password protected channels and 8 channel mode

Looking for some clarification on setting up password protected channels on a receiver set up in 8 channel mode - 2 waterfall and 6 audio only channels. If I set up 2 of the channels as password protected will those be the 2 waterfall channels?

I would like the two waterfall channels to be password protected and the audio only to be open to the public. I didn't see any documentation stating it would work that way in that mode. Can anyone clarify this for me?

Thank you.

- Rob


  • jksjks
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    It does not work that way currently (I just tested to re-confirm). The check is simply against the total channel occupancy count. So if you have "number of channels not requiring a password" set to 6 on an 8 channel Kiwi it asks for the user password on the final two available channels, irrespective of their unequal capabilities (waterfall versus audio-only).

    The final two channels will not always be channels #6 and #7 (of 0-7) because connections will established and closed randomly. So the final two as the occupancy is filling up could be any of the channels. A special check would have to be made in 8-channel mode to force the first two channels (waterfall channels) to be the last ones assigned (but only for connections subject to the occupancy check, e.g.not local connections).
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    Thank you for checking. I also did some testing prior to posting but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something or a way to force this behavior. I could see how this might be a useful check while in the 8 channel mode because I would tend to think that password protecting your "best featured" channels would be desirable. Possibly a future feature then.

    Thanks again for taking the time to confirm and respond to this.
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