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An example of the new DRM schedule format is attached below. This condensed/overlapped view with larger font should benefit small-screen devices. You can click/tap on the green/pink timelines even if covered by the station name. Also don't forget the new schedule database selection menu at bottom left of the control panel. Our friends at drmrx.org have been working to improve their format.
v1.407  September 22, 2020
    Keyboard shortcuts:
        Space bar now mutes in addition to existing 'm' key.
        '!' toggles the waterfall aperture manual/auto menu.
        'b' 'B' scrolls through the "select band" menu. The frequency update is immediate.
        'e' 'E' scrolls through the "extension" menu. The extension open is delayed
            slightly so you can scroll through the menu to the desired entry.
            These keys can be used while an extension is open to select a new extension.
            As always hit the escape key to close the open extension.

v1.404,405,406  September 20, 2020
    DRM extension:
        Condense schedule format:
            Station name now overlaps timeline.
            Links are now info buttons.
    Aperture auto mode no longer disturbs manual mode WF max/min settings.
    Expand range of SdrDx colormap a little.
    In stat tab status message replace sdr.hu with rx.kiwisdr.com

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