Whats wrong with my Kiwi?

Hi could someone have a look at my Kiwi and see if you can see what's wrong? Since the weekend the display looks different - quite grainy - and the audio not so good.

(Relative newbie here so help is appreciated).




  • The audio sounded OK on some 25m SWBC stations I listened to.

    The change you see in the waterfall is probably due to the changes in the waterfall: http://forum.kiwisdr.com/discussion/2112/v1-403-colormap-improvements-multiple-drm-schedule-databases#latest

    Adjust the waterfall settings and everything looks OK. Change the second popup menu in the waterfall tab from Auto to Man (manual) to go back to the "old way".
  • Gotcha Chris, thanks. I hadn't seen that post.
  • Yes, sorry about that. I made "auto" of the new aperture mode the default because the web is filled with images of crappy looking Kiwi waterfalls (e.g. completely washed out because they were improperly adjusted in manual mode). But since auto mode is new the automatic adjustment scheme itself needs a little refinement. In auto mode try adjusting the WF floor/ceil sliders a little bit. Or go back to manual mode and just press "auto scale".
  • Sorry if I'm being thick, but how do I get a "second popup menu in the waterfall tab"?
  • I assume it's this one.

  • Yes, although its a drop-down, not a pop-up!
  • OK thanks Powernumpty. I hadn't noticed an extra button in that row. (I never use the others.) Auto scale is fine most of the time, and very worth doing for the reasons John gave. Also, even if you do set sane manual defaults in the config, the noise floor can vary widely from band to band and from time to time. In a band with no signals it can look unduly noisy. It might be worth having a minimum dynamic range of maybe 60 dB between the floor and the ceiling.
  • And in v1.407 note that you can toggle between the "man" & "auto" values of the aperture menu by simply using the "!" keyboard shortcut key. And "S" (capital-S) will do an auto-scale (type "h" or "?" to see all keyboard shortcuts).
  • Is it possible to add in the Config tab the settings for WF ceil / floor in Aperture Auto mode to start with 0dB values? The waterfall then looks much better than the default ceil + 5dB / floor -10dB



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