Public list update times

When I list a public testing Kiwi, I might be changing antennas with some frequency (excuse the pun).

How quickly should display updated details and is there a way to force a refresh?
Could there be a way to push a listing reset like or /relist-p8074? (assuming the listing can be tied to a serial number, or listed public port)

The second Kiwi I've got listed still reflects yesterdays setting and I'm curious.
Obviously not really a problem or error as such.



  • Each Kiwi sends updated registration info to every 15 minutes. rebuilds every two minutes. I don't control (links elsewhere). It seems to update every 15 minutes or so.

    What change did you make that hasn't updated since yesterday?
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    The second Kiwi I have public has the antenna as LZ1AQ in "Public" and other comments in the "Web page".
    I just tried a couple of browsers on two machines in case it was cached, rx.kiwisdr has two entries for M0AQY both listed Wellbrook loops.
    I did have the second listed as "Next Kiwi URL" on the first Kiwi, have removed that now.
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    OK I think this is something I've done by turning off port forward some time after registering (while working on antenna) and forgetting to turn it back on.
    Sorry for the noise. I've just turned port forward back on so will see if it updates.
    I will write a checklist for next time I want to change something.

    --Yep list updated in the correct time, my mistake firewall port forward error--
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