IP connection to Kiwi through Kiwi's USB interface

For a remote solar powered Kiwi receive site I would like to connect two Kiwis to a single Raspberry Pi.
Unless I add a power-consuming ethernet switch to the installation, the Pi's ethernet interface must be dedicated to use by the radio which connects the site to the internet.
'ifconfig' shows IP addresses 192.168.6/7.2 assigned to usb0/1, so I wonder if I could connect one of those ports to the Pi and access the Kiwis at those IP addresses.
Does anyone have experience with use of those USB ports?



    I carefully read the "Using a USB network connection for initial Beagle access" section of the user manual but could access the Kiwi from a Win10 PC or from a Raspberry Pi

    On the Kiwi, 'ifconfig' command lists usb0 with IP address and MAC 40:bd:32:e5:40:02, and usb1 with IP and MAC 1c:ba:8c:a2:ed:73

    On the PC, when I plug in the USB cable from the Kiwi, a new DHCP network interface appears but that interface gets no IP address. The beaglebone documentation describes a drive which should appear as well, but Win 10 shows only this additional network interface with MAC 40:bd:32:e5:40:01. That MAC differs by 1 from the usb0 MAC on the Kiwi, so the PC and Kiwi are communicating.

    On the Pi, when I plug in the USB cable from the Kiwi two new interfaces appear: eth2 with the same MAC 40:bd:32:e5:40:01 which is assigned to the PC interface, and eth1 with MAC 1c:ba:8c:a2:ed:72, but those Pi interfaces give themselves self-assigned IP address. Running 'tcpdump -i eth1' on the Pi I can see it sending out DHCP request packets but getting no response, so I infer that the BeagleBone is not responding to DHCP on those usb0/1 ports.

    However, by configuring the Pi's eth1 and eth2 with static addresses I was able to gain complete ssh and GUI access to the Kiwi at both and

    To manually configure those IP address on a Pi, add these four lines to /etc/dhcpcd.conf

    pi@Berk-Pi4b-90:~ $ tail -4 /etc/dhcpcd.conf interface eth1 static ip_address= interface eth2 static ip_address= pi@Berk-Pi4b-90:~ $

    I don't have a second Kiwi here to test a two Kiwi system, but it seems I could modify the usb0 address in /etc/network/interfaces to and configure the Pi to add a corresponding ethX with
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