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DX-Commander all-band vertical; anyone else using one?

Is anyone else on here using a DX Commander all-band vertical, as sold by Callum at ? Just curious really as to if anyone here has one, and if one does, what are the general impressions?

I recently got one and put it together, and I've found it to be significantly better to receive than any of my other antennas. I've been able to pick up the Alpha locator beacons on a Kiwi in some of the testing, which I've been unable to do with any of the other wires in the air that I have at the moment. I've also carried out a/b testing with my HF+ Discovery and have found better SNR with the DXC on any frequencies I've tried.

My setup of the DXC has the 80m option, and I've got the 12m horizontal portion of the inverted-L strung across the lawn at 7-9m height to a Sotabeams TravelPole, and I've got about 180m of radial wires varying between 3m and 12m for my groundplane. (overkill, and diminishing returns, but it was cheap to add the extra..)

I've not yet got the proper setup to switch the input on TX, and to split the receive to a number of devices - but those are on the plan for the next month or so, when I order some stuff from SV1AFN to do that job


  • I have one at the home QTH, I use it for TX/RX on 40, 80, 15 and 10. I use a dipole for 80.
    Its works well as a quarter-wave vertical, depending as all are on the ground/counterpoise system. I only have four radials for each band, which is about the minimum you can get away with.
    I need to roll out more!
    Instead of folding over the top of the 40m element as instructed, I helically would it above the top spacer.
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