My KiwiSDR not found on new web sites (Vk5ade)

Hi all,
I have found that my KiwiSDR is not appearing on the new maps listed.
I went to my admin page and changed the
To list your Kiwi on
It said that my registration: successful.
I also did server restart and powered down the KiwiSDR.
Not too sure where to go from here.

Stuart Vk5ade


  • You have a password set for user connections (and are also not configured for a mix of password and password-less channels).
    Your Kiwi will not be listed if there is not a way for the general public (who won't know the password) to access your Kiwi. Such a listing is useless.
  • Hi,
    Thank you for this info.
    I have removed the password.
    All good.

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