File location

I have been demonstrating this website on my YouTube channel (hamrad88). I have a few questions that I could not find the answers in the documentation.

1) What do the colors on the map mean (station markers)?
2) Where are the fax images stored?
3) Where are the audio recording stored?




  • 1) At the map bottom left in tiny print is a link that says "Legend". It goes here:

    2&3) If you're talking about the Kiwi-side: you aren't meant to know that. And you don't need to know that.

    From the user-side: After you stop FAX recording you click on the small preview image. It will open the full image in a new browser window. From there you can do a browser right-click "save as" and save the image to a file anywhere you like (on the computer running the browser, not on the Kiwi). Details differ depending on OS of course.

    For the record function in the main control panel, when you stop recording you should get a browser panel that allows the file to be saved or opened with an application. Again, this happens on the user computer running the browser and not the Kiwi.
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