Interpreting the GPS data/status in the Admin console

Maybe my search fu is low, but I can't find a document or discussion on how to interpret all the data in the GPS window in my Kiwis. Can someone leave a pointer?

My specific question is: "how can I tell if my GPS reception is adequate enough to keep my Kiwi in frequency calibration?"

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  • jksjks
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    how can I tell if my GPS reception is adequate enough to keep my Kiwi in frequency calibration?
    After a Kiwi restart look at the admin GPS tab. If at the page bottom the "fixes" number is incrementing and under the "status" column some sats are blinking a green "S" (solution valid) then you're good. If the Kiwi has run for a long time you can't see single increments to the fixes number because of abbreviation (e.g. "23.5k") but the green S indication is still valid. Thanks to Christoph's Kalman filter reception of even a single good sat can result in a valid GPS solution for timing/calibration.

    If your Kiwi is public hover over its' entry on You should see the field "GPS clock available: NN fixes/min".

    Similar information by doing from a Linux machine: "curl my_kiwi:8073/status"
  • Got it. That's a very clear answer and helps a lot.

    Looks like I'm good to go now!

    I really appreciate the timely answer.
  • What does the blinking RED S indicate? I'm messing with this as I have one antenna that seems particularly better than the other (I've moved it between my two Kiwis) . One has 7 sat's it currently hears, the other one (the antennas are 5" apart).

    While I *had* green S indicators , now they're red, and I'm not incrementing fixes on both receivers. I'll continue to experiment.
  • Red means there are sats being tracked producing subframe data. But for whatever reason the solution calculation is failing.
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