Kiwi Offline Due To CGNAT

I've no idea when my ISP implemented this disgraceful CGNAT, it can't be bypassed without using another service that charge a fee.

Why it worked for so long I do not know. It went offline last week. Or if it was implemented all along how I got away with it ?

This effects a lot of People who can't use online games to people with security cameras.

My kiwis were emeraldsdr and emeraldsdr1 some People might have came across them ?

I'd be grateful for any advice before I sell them, they were far too expensive along with a Big ass linear PSU from China to have sitting in the shed.

BY the way I just tried another provider, same problem. I'm using 4G , I can't get any fixed line internet, it doesn't exist in my area. And I don't want to try a wireless provider, I hear a lot of bad things about them.

If someone comes across this issue of blocked ports and are on 3G or 4G, go to your modem settings and check the WAN I.P and if it's 10.x and if your ip reported by say, whatsmyip is different then you are behind Evil CGNET.

How about the reverse proxy offered by Kiwi ? I have 2 Kiwis and one was emeraldsdr.ddns:8073, I use noip, if I use the reverse proxy will it then become ?

I am waiting for the unlock code of my modem to use it with my new provider as their modem does not give access to port forwarding, the old modem does so I will wait and see if I can actually port forward which I very much doubt.

How do I setup the reverse proxy ?


  • Hi Mark,

    This is a common problem, so you're in good company. I have emailed you two API keys for your Kiwis. Just enter them in the appropriate place on the connect tab of the admin page with the hostnames of your choice (presumably "emeraldsdr" and "emeraldsdr1"). Make sure to change the menu item at the top of the page to say "reverse proxy". Then use the restart button on the admin control tab.

    The DDNS becomes irrelevant when using the proxy. Your hostnames will be emeraldsdr[1] (note: always 8073)
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    @jks Same problem with 2 KiwiSDR & on both status "Updating host name, registration successful", but they are no longer available ...
  • The proxy service has been having trouble today. It keeps getting into an infinite loop. I don't know why..
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    Both NSK KiwiSDR's on one public IP-address and with same user key, but my KiwiSDR's in other locations, when installed one KiwiSDR for one IP-address, stay available with proxy server (for example
  • Thanks for the help John, I appreciate it.

    I replied to your email, now it says not available connection refused but after reading this thread again there seems to be a problem with the proxy service ?

  • Thanks John for your Support, 1 of my Kiwis is working the other will follow soon. Greatly appreciate your help :-)
  • Is there a problem with the proxy service ?
  • jksjks
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    The proxy is fine. But the last time sent a proxy registration was 01/Jun/2020 12:07:34Z. That's a long time ago. Is there something wrong on your end? Try rebooting/restarting everything.
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    Hi John,

    I suppose, thinking about it now I should have tried it via the internal network.

    I wrongly assumed that msg was an error with the proxy but duh, of course it can't access my kiwi,

    Thanks again.

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