KiwiSDR cannot decode 10KHz DRM signals

Hi All,

I am pretty sure this is a bug. I cannot decode 10KHz signals with the kiwisdr. I can decode this 10khz DRM signal with the same KIWISDR and DRM via IQ and a virtual cable. But the built-in decoder will only demodulate 9KHz DRM signals, but not 10 KHz DRM signals. Is there a lost 9khz Bandpass in the code? If necessary i can provide a movie.



  • This seems to be beaglebone CPU load related. We tried on another moment and it was working perfectly.
  • Note that this is not simply "cannot decode 10 kHz signals" since that has been working fine since the beginning. But rather "can't decode at maximum output bitrate of 34.8 kHz in 10 kHz mode by using mode A, 64-QAM, short interleaver and robustness level 3" (see table). No commercial broadcaster on shortwave transmits like this which has essentially no protection against multi-path or fading. You'd only do this for a very local point-to-point transmission path.


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