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Power Supply Voltage

Sorry, but an hour or so searching has not produced an answer...
What is the maximum input voltage for this system?
I'm thinking of a 6V lead acid battery, instead of a much more expensive 5V lithium?


  • I'd prefer to use a decently specified buck regulator in that instance, as pushing 6V in *could* put some components out of their tolerance envelope, and it's very likely to make the power management circuitry run hotter as a direct result.

    A buck regulator should/would allow the 6V battery use without a worry, assuming that the amps required by the Kiwi can be handled by the regulator.
  • a GV battery is more like 6.3 voltages. Put a diode in series to drop 0.7V
  • From a thread about a guy who accidentally powered his Kiwi from 9V -- and it lived:

    Even though you plug power into the Kiwi board it is first routed to the Beagle and its power management chip (PMIC) for monitoring, protection and switching. From there it goes on to power the Beagle and then back over to the Kiwi board. The PMIC has an absolute maximum input voltage spec of +20 VDC. It won't power-on at that voltage (5.8V is the limit) but it's supposed to withstand it. So that's why you got away with applying 9V.

    So the answer is 5.8V, the point at which the PMIC will shutdown or refuse to power-up.
  • That's all very helpful - thanks guys! :)
    Might try running from 6V battery with a diode, as suggested, as a baseline for checking for PSU noise.
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