Problems after upgrade from 1.383 to 1.384 [fixed by restarting network equipment]

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My KiwiSDR must have updated over the last two days or so. I can no longer use the browser to listen to signals. I've tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox on macOS. With Safari and Chrome, I get the usual display, but the waterfall is not moving and no audio. With Firefox, I get a waterfall, but the audio has nothing to do with what the waterfall shows - and does not change when I change frequencies. The internal WSPR decoder however seems to work - at least it is reporting decodes on the bands I am monitoring.

I've already restarted the Kiwi software and rebooted the BeagleBone, but without a change in symptoms.

Any idea what else I can try?

Karl Heinz - K5KHK


  • jksjks
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    Is this Kiwi available from the Internet so I could connect (I don't need any passwords) and take a look?
    "Being available" doesn't mean it has to be a publicly listed Kiwi. Only that port 8073 on your router is set to map to the Kiwi and that you can tell me your public ip address.

    Oh yes, and based on recent experience I guess we now have to ask you: is your ISP Comcast? :/

    Also, is there WiFi involved anywhere in the path between your Kiwi and the machine running the browser? Does the same thing happen on some other device like a tablet, cellphone etc?

    I know this sounds like entry-level tech support, but seriously, try power cycling all your network equipment. I used to have a WiFi bridge connection between my development Kiwis and my laptop due to the physical setup here. About twice a year my Internet router or the TP-Link bridge would lose its mind and the ping times randomly go to several seconds for no apparent reason. Power cycle fixed it, but only after half my hair had already been pulled out trying to find out what was wrong with my code. Needless to say I found a way to run an Ethernet cable.
  • Thanks for the tip about rebooting everything. Even though I had no problems with anything else on my network (Netflix streaming was working without a problem), after rebooting the cable modem, the router, and the switch everything is connected to, the Kiwi started to work again. Thanks again for the quick response and the key to the solution. Next time I'll go on a rebooting spree before I sound the alarm bells :)
  • Okay, that's good I guess. But I wish I understood the root cause for these cases (you're not the first to see this problem!)
    If this happens again maybe we can spend a little time trying to understand the state things are in during the failure mode.
  • At this point, the Kiwi is not accessible from outside my local network, if this should happen again, I will reconfigure my router and allow connections. Thanks again.
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