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Possible unique problem with Chrome browser? [fixed, conflict with CCleaner]

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I am experiencing a problem using the Chrome browser that I can't figure out. Specifically, my "proxy" ip address will not load in Chrome, but my "local IP" address will. Also, the proxy IP will load in Microsoft Edge, as well as on my Android smartphone using Chrome for Android. So, the problem appears to be with Chrome on my home computer.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what is happening. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If yes, what did you do to correct it? (I suspect that some "update" to Chrome behind the scenes is likely the culprit, but I'm not savvy enough to start tinkering around with Chrome and not break it).

Also, I should note that I have already done resets of the Kiwi Server and the Beagle, as well as rebooting my router and computer, clearing all caches, etc.

Here is my proxy IP:

That is the link that Chrome will not load for me. Strangely, it will load


  • Update: After much additional hair-pulling, I finally figured out what the problem was. It was browser cookie-related involving my use of CCleaner to store only the cookies locally that I choose.

    I had earlier setup CCleaner to NOT delete the cookie associated with But, when I manually deleted the cookie, I found then that the proxy IP page now loads perfectly.

    I'm not enough of a computer geek to be able to explain to everyone what was happening in the background as to why that worked. I just know that it did. And if you ever experience this same problem, here is your answer to it.
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