Displaying sunrise and sunset times at your Kiwi QTH in your Kiwi UI

If you wish to show the sunrise and sunset times at the location of your Kiwi SDR, please remove all code in the “Status” field under the “Webpage” tab in the Admin interface, and replace it with the following HTML code:

In the example above, the “la” or the LATITUDE parameter in the URL is set to zero, as is the “lo” or the LONGITUDE parameter. You must set them to those of your QTH. Please note that southern latitudes are negative numbers as are western longitudes.

The sunrise and sunset times are all in UTC, and can be found here:

73 Jari OH6BG


  • Hi Jari, maybe possible add short date format 03-21 or Mar. 21?
    On chrome and MacBook Air:
  • OK, I will look into it! Tnx for the heads-up!
  • Please check it now. It will return "? Mar-21 03:55 ? Mar-21 16:26".
  • Now looks very well!

    Thank you!
  • This is already a quite old discussion and I wonder if someone still has this particular html snippet for sunrise sunset calculation available and would be willing to share it as a zip file or txt file.

    Thanks, Ben

  • Here's what I have in my Status field under webpage on the admin interface. I got it from a post on the forum a couple years ago. Of course, change the Lat and Lon to your own location. <iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="https://voacap.com/geo/kiwisun.cgi?la=38.8715&lo=-77.121" height="25">


  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks for looking that up and I will try this out later.

    73 Ben

  • This didn't work for me: <iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="https://voacap.com/geo/kiwisun.cgi?la=-36.8594&lo=174.811" height="100">

    Has this been disabled in later firmware updates?

    Thanks and 73 Graham

  • After changing code to that shown in my previous post

  • jksjks
    edited June 2022

    Works fine for me on your Kiwi. It's only visible when the "Stats" tab is selected (the "WFn" tab is selected in your screen shot). BTW, it has a lot of blank space at the bottom of the iframe. I found using height="25" instead of height="100" fixed it as in the original example (I was able to test this because you can edit the HTML using the browser debug interface).

    p.s. Good grief there's a lot of impulse noise on that Kiwi. Screenshot below uses spectrum mode with averaging off plus peak mode to catch the impulse amplitude.

  • Tried this script but only the symbols without the data appear. I ended up using a widget from time.is ( https://time.is/widgets ) for sunrise / sunset.

    Since I already use Stats area for a couple of other links, I placed the widget in the additional html script section of the webpage tab of Admin. If the font size chosen is moderate it does not take up too much space on the top of your Kiwi html page.

  • Thank you

    I've returned the height to 25. I wrongly assumed (without thinking about it) that the height setting was my height above sea level. Pretty obvious when you mentioned it

    The noise is probably a combination of poor aerial (PA0RDT mini whip), 11KV & 230v street power lines less than 5 metres away and all the wall warts. My Kiwi runs off a linear PSU though and also the Bias-T comes off its own linear PSU

    I have retired into a unit (1 of 6) so have limited options for an outdoor aerial but Im looking at options, maybe a mag loop or spiral loop. With the current mini whip and noise I can rx FT8 and WSPR from W. Eu & US ok (especially around sunset) but very little else, no SSB etc.

  • >I have retired into a unit (1 of 6) so have limited options for an outdoor aerial but Im looking at options, maybe a mag loop or spiral loop.

    Yes a broadband loop would probably be a better option than the PA0RDT in that situation.

    With careful placement you may be able to find a direction that would allow you to substantially reduce the most problematic noise sources.

    However, don't discount how much noise may actually be produced in your own home, which is under your control.

    Personally, I have found on many occasions, that it can be possible to dramatically reduce your noise floor by tracking these items down, and either fixing them or replacing them with something less problematic.

    Listen to the noise with a portable battery powered radio, and switch off your power at the main breaker to see if it makes any difference.

    Good luck,


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